Call Senators NOW to Support SB 279

Friends: We need immediate action on SB 279, Sen. Bo Watson’s version of Mike Carter’s HB 475 to end forced annexation on the Senate side. There will be a vote next Tuesday or Wednesday in the Senate Standing Committee State and Local Government, and the following senators need to hear from you!

Senator Ken Yager R-Harriman—Chair (615) 741-1449

Senator Jack Johnson—Vice Chair (615) 741-2495

Senator Janice Bowling—2nd Vice Chair 615-741-6694

Senator Mark Green (615) 741-2374

Senator Thelma Harper (615) 741-2453

Senator Bill Ketron (615) 741-6853

Senator Mark Norris (615) 253-0194

Senator John Stevens (615) 741-4576

Senator Reginald Tate (615) 741-2509

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