Please Call House Members Below to Support HB 475

Here are the committee members who need to be contacted by next Tuesday and asked to support HB 475. This is the critical hour! If the bill doesn’t pass this time, we won’t have another such opportunity for at least a year. Thank you for your support!

Rep. Mike Harrison-Chair- Phone (615) 741-7480
Rep. David Alexander Phone (615) 741-8695
Rep. Joe Armstrong Phone (615) 741-0768
Rep. Kevin Brooks Phone (615) 741-1350
Rep. Lois DeBerry Phone (615) 741-3830
Rep. Craig Fitzhugh Phone (731) 772-8978 Phone (615) 741-2134
Rep. David B. Hawk Phone (615) 741-7482
Rep. Gerald McCormick Phone (615) 741-2548
Rep. Steve McDaniel Phone (615) 741-0750
Rep. Gary Odom Phone (615) 741-4410
Rep. Dennis Edward Roach Phone (615) 741-2534
Rep. Charles Michael Sargent Phone (615) 741-6808 

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