Hello, is seeking the best interviews of the following house representatives as part of a citizen journalist competition. We are involved in a heavily contentious issue, with citizens’ “Right to Vote” on annexations in TN, which is now a Forced Annexation state. The 2nd largest lobbying group in the state, the Tennessee Municipal League (TML) is lobbying to prevent companion bills HB475 and SB279 from going to the floor through their massive lobbying effort. We want to return to Tennesseans the right to vote on all future annexations.

We are seeking candidates to interview these key officials (below) on the following questions. The best interviews will be promoted throughout the 20-member coalition network in the state and on our YouTube channel. Please let us know if you are interested. We are hoping for these interviews in the next week before the next committee vote. Both formal and informal interviews will be accepted (house steps/etc). The reward is to personally get these politicians on camera to respond to your legitimate questions!

1. Do you support the citizens’ Right to vote on annexation?
2. What is your relationship with TML?
3. Why are you blocking House Bill 475?
4. Why is TN one of only 3 states that allow forced annexation? Is this fair?
5. Do you think city taxpayer dollars should be used by TML for lobbying efforts?

Send entries to

To learn more about TML:

Charles Sargent (Chairman of Finance)
615-741-6808 – Nashville
615-771-7222 – Franklin

–  Mike Harrison (VP of Finance)
615-741-7480 – Nashville
423-235-6803 – Rogersville

– Johnny Shaw
615-741-4538 – Nashville
731-658-7689 – Bolivar

–  Dennis Roach
615-741-2534 – Nashville
865-828-4356 – Rutledge

–  Steve McDaniel
615-741-0750 – Nashville
731-968-7883 – Wildersville

–  Curtis Johnson
615-741-4341 – Nashville
931-358-3719 – Clarksville

–  Craig Fitzhugh
615-741-2134 – Nashville
731-635-1230 – Ripley

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