Times Free Press Report on Annexation Bills’ Status

Here is a link to the Times Free Press report. Now the separate Senate and House bills will go into a conference committee to hash out differences, and there is no telling how it will come out from here.

I think citizens will have to get a bit more demonstrative with certain representatives and senators before this situation reaches an acceptable stage for property owners in this state. I can understand exemptions for counties that already have metro governments; they’re not going to expand. I can’t understand it for other counties. These city interests are saying to citizens, “We need annexation to grow and we are not confident in our ability to campaign on the benefits of our city services to outlying areas.” They’re such lousy communicators that they must be Republicans.

Here is the news report: http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2013/apr/19/annexation-bill-passes-house-with-big/


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