Lack of Visibility & Abuse in Municipal Leagues Across US

United States Capitol

There is gross abuse of tax payer dollars in city financed municipal leagues across the country. These organizations provide insurance to city government (shared pool of money to cover lawsuits). However these groups are not transparent or accountable to insurance regulations or Sunshine laws.

These groups perform the following unethical/unlawful acts:
– Finance campaigns of politicians aligned with the municipal leagues goals outside campaign finance laws.
– Use city tax payer dollars to change state laws to easily annex rural tax payer’s properties without any voice in the process.
– Change state laws to align with their pro-expansion agenda
– Hire massive number of lobbyist with tax payer dollars to fight citizen driven initiatives protecting private property rights.
– Purchase property leveraging tax payer risk pool dollars for other purposes.
– Much more.

The laws need to change to limit the power of these groups and provide more oversight and visibility into their activities. Some efforts include:
– Regulate the municipal leagues as real insurance agencies with real insurance regulators
– Sunshine laws need to extend into these groups since tax payer dollars are being used.
– No use of risk funds beyond the risk pool mission clearly identified.

The citizens in the State of Tennessee are currently in a battle with the Tennessee Municipal League. The second largest lobbing group in the state using tax payer dollars to move their agenda forward. This group has a history of abuse. See Tennessean article below.

Visit to help with activities, or Like-Us on Facebook to stay up to date. Our group is working with other communities across the US on similar issues.

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