Contact Your Representatives Today!

Tennessee State Legislature is back in session. The representatives had time to think about FORCED annexation of private property. TACIR has written their report. The State wide moratorium expires on April 1st 2014 and Tennessee Lawmakers need to make Right to Vote PERMANENT. 

In the coming months House and Senate bills will work their way through process. Right2Vote members will stay on top of the progress and let you know which representatives are blocking citizens “Right to Vote” and hiding behind procedures.

We would like to remind everyone this is an election year and we can easily send home the representatives that do not support our constitutional property rights. 

Call to Action 

Please Phone, Email and Post on your representatives Facebook page to support Right to Vote on annexation.

Here are some questions to ask?

  • Do you support citizens right to vote publicly?
  • If not, why? Can we put them on public record?

You may hear the following “It’s a complex issue”, “We need more time to study it”,”Our representatives haven’t through about it”, etc.. These are all stonewalling tactics for the opposition. If a representative is for the bill, they will tell you Yes. Hold their feet to the flames and get a firm commitment from them, no hiding behind committees, side step tactics, etc. 

Click Here to find your representative (Phone, Email, Facebook Page).

Thank You for Everyone’s Support!


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