TN Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) Contact State Representatives

The TFRW sent letters to each Tennessee State Representatives to support “Right to Vote”.

Help by contacting your representatives to support right to vote on Annexation. Click Here to learn what you can do!

TFRW Letter Below


View Original Scanned Letter: Click Here

Dear Rep XXXX,

Ad our recent State-wide Convention in Kingsport, Tennessee, the TFRW adopted the enclosed resolution requesting the Tennessee General Assembly to support legislation to end forced annexation in Tennessee. This letter is to make you aware of the TFRW position and to ask for your support on this issue.

If you voted to support similar legilsation during the last year’s session, we want to thank you for supporting a basic freedom that we value as Republicans: the right to vote on issues affecting our property. We hope that you will “stay the course” in the upcoming legislative session.

If you did not support this legislation last year, we would like to respectfully request that you support it during the upcoming session.

As you probably know, Tennessee is one of only three state in the nation that allows a family’s property to be annexed without the right to vote on that annexation. We are very concerned that California, New York, and 45 other states are ahead of Tennessee in protecting the property rights of itss citizens.

We realize that Republicans can have honest disagreements on many issues within our Conservative beliefs of less government, less taxes, less regulation, but surely we can never compromise on the basic freedom of having the right to vote on property rights issues.

Because we consider this issue to be very important, the enclosed resolution was unanimously adopted by 120 delegates to the TFRW Convention who represent 1200 Replublican women across Tennessee who are active and influential in their communities.

Thank you for your service to our party and our State. We look forward to your help in eliminating this great injustice to the people of Tennessee. Please, “Let Us Vote”.

Best Regards

Linda D Buckles, President

Tennessee Federation of Republican Women

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