Letter from County Commissioners Association President

Right2VoteTN.org would like to thank Mr Vallejos for his support for Citizen’s Right to Vote on Annexation. Right2VoteTN.org would like to reach out to the opposing commissioners to support the citizens of Tennessee. Please contact your local county commissioners and ask them to download our resolution template and vote to end of forced annexation.


From: Tommy Vallejos

Thank you for the information. Recently, at our County Commission Conferences our Executive Committee voted on to oppose or support the bill on annexation.

The committee voted to watch the bill and not to oppose it at this thus time. I personally voted to support that we abolish it. My county also is in support of it.

However, because I represent the Tennessee County Commission Assn I cannot speak for the body has a whole, since it voted to take position to watch the bill. But I has a County Commissioner from Montgomery support the abolishment of annexation and to give the citizens the right to vote.

I oppose the position whole heartedly that the Tennessee Municipal League takes. So you have my support and continue to let our state reps and state senators know that.

God Bless
Commissioner Vallejos      

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