CALL TO ACTION: House Local Government Subcommittee

HB 2371 which will end forced annexation and give Tennesseans the right to vote, is scheduled to be heard by the Local Government Subcommittee tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. Please come and show your support and also show your support for the bill by contacting co-sponsors and committee members who support the bill to thank them today and tomorrow. Your voice matters!

House Local Government Subcommittee
Committee Officers
Joe Carr, Chair
Phone: (615) 741-2180

Dale Carr
Phone (615) 741-5981

Jeremy Durham
Phone (615) 741-1864

Richard Floyd
Phone (615) 741-2746

Steve Hall
Phone: (615) 741-2287

Matthew Hill
Phone: 615-741-2251

Larry Miller
Phone (615) 741-4453

Antonio Parkinson
Phone (615) 741-4575

HB 2371 CO-SPONSORS Carr J, Casada, Rogers, Van Huss, Spivey, Shipley, Hall, Matheny, Lynn, Hill T, Butt, Matlock, Calfee, White M, Doss, Faison, Rich, Keisling, Holt, Dunn, Sanderson, Pody, Durham, Williams K, Todd, Sparks, Haynes, Ragan, Shepard, Dean, McCormick, Sexton, Bailey, Coley, Travis, Kane, Forgety, Alexander, Lollar, Weaver, Hill M, Halford, Hawk, Watson, Littleton, McManus, Floyd, Lamberth, Odom, Love, White D, Moody, Dennis, Brooks H, DeBerry J, Powers, Brooks K, Farmer, Womick, Evans

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