Hall of Fame

We would like to thank the following representatives for their support and bill sponsorship.

(HB2371/SB2464 & HB0590/SB 0869)

HB 0590 by *Van Huss ,McManus, Carter, Rogers, Hill T, Hill M, Holt, Weaver, Pody, Calfee, Hall, Lynn, Spivey, Doss, Faison, Ragan, Carr J, Floyd, Matheny, Butt, Matlock, Hawk, Watson, Shipley, Haynes, Travis, Rich, Keisling, Kane, DeBerry J, Brooks H, Farmer, McCormick, Casada, Brooks K, Todd, Womick, Sexton, Dunn, Moody, Powers, Dennis, Coley, Lamberth, Lollar, Dean, Alexander, Williams R, Sparks, Odom, Love, Shepard, Williams K, White M

(SB 0869 by *Crowe)

HB 2371 by *Carter , Carr J, Casada, Rogers, Van Huss, Spivey, Shipley, Hall, Matheny, Lynn, Hill T, Butt, Matlock, Calfee, White M, Doss, Faison, Rich, Keisling, Holt, Dunn, Sanderson, Pody, Durham, Williams K, Todd, Sparks, Haynes, Ragan, Shepard, Dean, McCormick, Sexton, Bailey, Coley, Travis, Kane, Forgety, Alexander, Lollar, Weaver, Hill M, Halford, Hawk, Watson, Littleton, McManus, Floyd, Lamberth, Odom, Love, White D, Moody, Dennis, Brooks H, DeBerry J, Powers, Brooks K, Farmer, Womick, Evans

( SB 2464 by *Watson) Kelsey, McNally.


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