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If you are a representative of a group, organization or company, and support residents’ “Right 2 Vote” in Tennessee, please email us below and a coalition member will follow-up with you.

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  1. Here is a published op/ed from the

    More Needs To Be Added To Carter’s Bill On Annexation
    Monday, March 11, 2013
    The very idea of forced annexation is repugnant. Personal rights are ignored, neighborhood affiliation is trampled, but there is more that needs to be added to the bill.

    I’ve watched Ron Littlefield and his cronies annex property for only one reason: grab it before any other municipality has a chance to reap the additional tax base. The downside of this is that in the city of Chattanooga, city services, which are slim to begin with, are never fully realized after-the-fact. Police presence is rare. Fire and garbage collection sporadic, all of it promised and ultimately reneged.

    Carter’s Bill should require positive proof from any city that complete city services must be fiscally proven with a commensurate increase in funding within the annexed area. More police (possibly a new precinct established) should be established, not just re-distributed. The same for fire and waste disposal. If the same city services provided in annexed land are not equal to any another portion of that municipality, it smacks of little more than fiscal gerrymandering. There should a caveat in Carter’s Bill that annexed property owners have the right to reverse the annexation should said services be found wanting. Taxation without promised services should be assailable in court by annexed citizens.

    Make if fair with a vote, then hold that city’s feet-to-the-fire to keep their word on promised services.

    David D. Fihn

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