HB 0590/SB 0869 (Van Huss/Crowe) – Moves on with obstacle

590 move through H F, W&M SUB-Committee with unanimous vote. The bill still carries a Fiscal note which is worrisome because Even if passed through all committees that would put it “behind the budget”. This is how opponents would try to neutralize 590’s effectiveness.


HB 590 is scheduled to be in Full Finance Committee on Tuesday February 18, 2014 at 3:00 PM in Room 16 in Legislative Plaza. We must pass this committee to be scheduled to go to the floor.

Below you will find a list of the committee members and he is requesting that we contact them and please ask for their support. I have also included a list of co-sponsors of this bill who are on this committee. We need to contact them also and thank them for their support in the past and ask them to please assist us in gaining additional co-sponsors on the bill as well as votes in the financial committee. Everyone in the last committee was cordial and we are hoping for the same results from this committee.


Committee Officers

Charles Sargent, Chair R (615) 741-680 rep.charles.sargent@capitol.tn.gov
David Alexander, Vice-Chair R (615) 741-8695 rep.david.alexander@capitol.tn.gov


Joe Armstrong D (615) 741-0768 rep.joe.armstrong@capitol.tn.gov
Kevin Brooks R (615) 741-1350 rep.kevin.brooks@capitol.tn.gov
Kent Calfee R (615) 741-7658 rep.kent.calfee@capitol.tn.go
Karen Camper D (615) 741-1898 rep.karen.camper@capitol.tn.gov
Mike Carter R (423) 315-3816 rep.mike.carter@capitol.tn.gov
Barbara Cooper D (615) 741-4295 rep.barbara.cooper@capitol.tn.gov
Craig Fitzhugh D (615) 741-2134 rep.craig.fitzhugh@capitol.tn.gov
Steve Hall R (615) 741-2287 rep.steve.hall@capitol.tn.gov
Michael Harrison R (615) 741-7480rep.mike.harrison@capitol.tn.gov
David Hawk R (615) 741-7482 rep.david.hawk@capitol.tn.gov
Matthew Hill R 615-741-2251 rep.matthew.hill@capitol.tn.gov
Curtis Johnson R (615) 741-4341rep.curtis.johnson@capitol.tn.gov
Gerald McCormick R (615) 741-2548 rep.gerald.mccormick@capitol.tn.gov
Steve McDaniel R (615) 741-0750 rep.steve.mcdaniel@capitol.tn.gov
Larry Miller D (615) 741-4453 rep.larry.miller@capitol.tn.gov
Gary Odom D (615) 741-4410 rep.gary.odom@capitol.tn.gov
Dennis Roach R (615) 741-2534 rep.dennis.roach@capitol.tn.gov
Johnny Shaw D (615) 741-4538 rep.johnny.shaw@capitol.tn.gov

***In you call Fitzhugh’s office keep in mind that he is an important vote as head of the Democratic Caucasus although he is not a bill sponsor.

***Co-Sponsors of HB 590 are listed below.

David Alexander, Kevin Brooks , Kent Calf, Mike Carter, Steve Hall, David Hawk
Matthew Hill, Steve McDaniel, Gary Odom

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1 Response to HB 0590/SB 0869 (Van Huss/Crowe) – Moves on with obstacle

  1. DYODD The effects of HB590’s fiscal note appear a bit over stated.

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